Toyota Plans to Go Fully-Electric

Toyota strives for a completely green lineup of vehicles in the near future. The automaker recently announced plans to offer fully electric versions of each model on their roster by the year 2025.


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For years, Toyota has taken a leading role in environmentally-conscious vehicles thanks to models like the Prius, Yaris, and other hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


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Get Winter Servicing Today in Flemington, NJ

Winter is here! Make sure your Toyota is ready to handle the elements by stopping by Fred Beans Toyota of Flemington. We have an on-site service center with certified technicians to keep your Toyota in excellent condition all winter long. Our staff values customer support and will work to make sure your next service experience is a pleasure. Your satisfaction is vital to our success, and we want to get you back on the road safely and quickly. 

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The Prius Prime Takes on the Chevy Volt for Class-Dominance

Built as direct competition for the Chevrolet Volt, the new Toyota Prius Prime is expected to be the best-selling model of the segment before the end of the year.


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Since its introduction, the new Prius Prime has gone head-to-head with the Volt, and this rivalry has recently reached its peak. This year, these two plug-in hybrids battled for dominance in the US market—trading places as the most popular model from month to month.


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