End of Lease Options

Taking the Next Steps with Your Leased Toyota from our Flemington Toyota Dealership

They say all good things must come to an end--even your car lease. And though wondering what your next move will be once your lease agreement comes to its conclusion may leave you feeling a little unsettled, it doesn't have to. Many Flemington, NJ area lessees are pleasantly surprised to learn that they actually have more viable end of lease options than they might have initially expected.

Here at Fred Beans Toyota of Flemington we want all of our customers to feel confident in every automotive-related decision they make; that includes determining the best course of action for what to do next after your current car lease is up. That's why we have compiled the following information for your benefit so you can easily assess your options, consider the pros and potential cons of each choice, and hopefully make a most informed decision.

As always, should you have any additional questions regarding your lease agreement or what to do when your lease is up, don't hesitate to stop by our Flemington, NJ Toyota dealership to speak with one of the seasoned experts here in our financing department.

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Fallen in love with your lease? Consider buying it!

We see this happen all the time: a customer comes to us to lease a new Toyota, but when it comes time to return the vehicle down the road, they're not ready to part with it. If you've grown attached to the car you've been leasing, it's not a bad idea to consider buying it from us. The price you will pay is the vehicle's residual value, or, the depreciated value of the vehicle over the lifetime of the lease. Often, this is less than the current book value of the vehicle, making this an even more financially appealing option for some drivers.

Ready for a fresh start?

If you weren't totally heads-over-heels for the car you have been leasing, or if you're simply the kind of driver who prefers always having the latest and greatest in automotive tech, safety, and styling, returning the current lease and signing up for a new one could be the most appealing option.

First, you'll have to return the vehicle. This is a generally hassle-free process, but to make it even easier make sure you do the following:

  • Clean out all personal items from the vehicles. Car seats, CDs, auxiliary cords, sunglasses--they all must go
  • Check to be sure the owner's manual is still in the glove department
  • Provide the vehicle's maintenance records
  • Prepare for any lease-end charges such as those for excess wear and tear or mileage overages

Once you've returned the vehicle to the dealership you can do one of three things: simply walk away, start a new lease, or purchase a new Toyota. Whichever option you decide upon, our team of Toyota experts is here to be of assistance. Feel free to contact us with any questions of if you're interested in taking a test drive or two.