The Toyota Tacoma vs. Toyota Tundra--Which Pickup Meets Your Needs?

As with any automotive purchase, it's natural for Bridgewater and Princeton area drivers in the market for their next new pickup truck to shop around a bit and compare models from competing brands to determine which truck will best suit their unique needs.

But what if the two models going headlight-to-headlight competing for your affection both belong to the Toyota lineup of vehicles available here at Fred Beans Toyota of Flemington? Both the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra are valiant contenders in their respective truck segment--midsize and full-size trucks, respectively--but in order to determine which of these two Toyota rigs proffers the most ideal combination of capability, capacity, fuel economy, and brute strength for your trucking needs, read on as we compare and contrast these two superb pickups.



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Exterior Styling and Size

It goes without saying that the full-size Tundra is larger than its mid-size pickup counterpart, the Tacoma; but how does their difference in size impact their respective exterior styling? Well, although style is somewhat subjective, we think that the Tundra exudes an appropriately more aggressive, daunting, and modern look, as compared to the less-threatening small-truck personality of the Tacoma. Of course, each model brings a design element that is unique to it--for the Tacoma, it's the large wheel arches; for the Tundra, it's the truck's unmistakable huge grille.


Comparing Capabilities

Generally speaking, the Tundra offers much more brute strength and capability in every sense of the word--cargo room, towing abilities, passenger room, quick acceleration, and more. That being said, for most pickup truck drivers in and around the Doylestown and Flemington area, the slightly smaller, albeit impressively capable Tacoma, will be more than enough truck to suit your daily needs. Unless you need a remarkable amount of power, capacity, and hauling ability on a regular basis, you would probably be wise to opt for the Tacoma which won't only save you money upfront, but on a regular basis with less gas consumption, too.


While these two Toyota trucks certainly have their fair share of differences when it comes to style, size, capability, and practicality, both the Tundra and the Tacoma come backed by the same impressive Toyota warranty, they both perform very similarly in safety ratings, and are backed by the reliability and dependability we've come to know and love from our favorite automotive manufacturer.


For an even more comprehensive comparison, visit our Toyota dealership today and put each of these hard-working pickups to the test--there's no better way to determine which is the exact right fit for you.

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