Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V in Flemington

Two Crossover Adversaries Go Headlight-to-Headlight in this Comprehensive Comparison: The Honda CR-V vs. The Toyota RAV4

When it comes to Honda and Toyota, both brands have clearly distanced themselves from the rest of the mass-market segment; in the consumer's mind, vehicles manufactured by either one of these two Japanese automotive companies are appealing in that they far surpass all other competitors when it comes to an ideal combination of both product excellent and relatively low cost of ownership.

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 For the average Flemington driver, a new car is second only to buying a new home in terms of the size of the transaction, the length of the ownership experience, as well as the potential to communicate an individual's sense of self-worth. Consequently, customers considering a vehicle such as the Honda CR-V, tend to spend a substantial amount of time evaluating their alternatives--as any savvy car-shopper would--the most obvious of which being the Toyota RAV4.

And while some sources may seem to indicate that these two compact SUVs--both clear frontrunners in the segment--are so similar, that what makes one vehicle more appealing than the other to a particular buyer might simply boil down to brand preference, our team here at Fred Beans Toyota of Flemington is here to set the record straight.

There are several substantial categories in which the RAV4 truly trumps its Honda counterpart. Discerning drivers who do their homework are sure to find that the RAV4 offers more cubic volume than its competition. So if you're a driver who values versatility and the capability to make space for whatever cargo you and your family require, you'll get more for your money with Toyota's crossover.

And the differences don't end there; the RAV4 outshines the CR-V when it comes to standard features, as well. Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control, satellite radio, an in-cabin navigation system are just a few of the premium features available for drivers who opt for Toyota's crossover, that are not even optional on the CR-V. Considering that these two small SUVs are nearly identical in price, Toyota packs more value into their compact package.

Toyota's RAV4 and Honda's CR-V are comparable in many ways at face value. But when you dig deeper to see which of these two automobiles offers more value, the Toyota RAV4 comes out on top every time.